Water Damage Insurance Claims: Things You Need to Know

Water damage is one of the most common reasons homeowners file insurance claims, along with wind and hail damage. In today’s post, we discuss the insurance claims process and the water damage repair that will follow.

In this post, our experts at Castino Restoration shares important things to know about water damage and insurance claims.

Types of Water Damage

The term water damage is a catch-all term that refers to many kinds of damage. It’s important to know what type of water damage your home has experienced, as certain types may not be covered by your insurance policy. Sudden or accidental discharge is the most common type of water damage, followed by sewer or water backup. Other common types of water damage are overflowing, flooding and storm-related water damage; the latter is typically covered by insurance.

Gradual Damage

This is a “special” kind of water damage that’s usually not covered by any policies. It refers to water damage that happens slowly over time and causes damage to your property. A common case of gradual damage is water pooling near your foundation, often caused by a leak coming from the gutters. Mold, as a result of water damage, is also a common problem and will require immediate mold removal as it presents a health risk.

How to Avoid Claim Denials

It’s disheartening to find out that your water damage insurance claim got denied, but there are many simple ways you can prevent this from happening. First, maintain records of repairs and contractors you’ve worked with in the past. These records will be very important in the event of a loss. Purchasing the best insurance possible is also important, especially if you live in an area that frequently experiences storm and floods. Finally, you should work with an experienced company for your water and flood damage restoration needs. At Castino Restoration, we’ll help you with your water damage concerns and even assist you in filing your claim.

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