Water: A force of life and devastation

Every living thing requires water to survive. Yet this essential life force can be as devastating as fire when it goes where it shouldn’t. Water damage can result from seemingly little problems, such as a leaky faucet or loose valve; or from big problems, like busted pipes, backed-up sewage lines and floods. One of the more serious water damaging situations comes from a flooded basement.

A flooded basement is devastating in all aspects, and especially in basements that are not just the lowest level of a home, but a warm, cozy room where your family spends time together. Gone is the theatre room, laundry room, and wet busted pipe or backup sewage line. Even three or four inches of water can ruin everything in your basement.

There are ways to guard against the water damage in a flooded basement, yet Mother Nature is a force that no one can control.
Separate from standard home owners insurance, protect your home with a separate policy to pay for repairs if your basement floods. There is insurance if your Chicago home is situated in a flood plain. If you don’t live in a flood plain, inquire about a policy for a backup sewage line, a more common occurrence in Chicago. These policies are fairly inexpensive, but are essential in getting your life back to normal after the devastation of a flooded basement.

Castino Restoration and Home Services has the professionalism and the compassion to help return your life to normal after water damage from a busted pipe, or the devastation of a flooded basement. After you have spoken to your insurance company, call Castino Restoration to take over the process. We hope that water remains an essential life force in your life, but are there if life takes a dive. Our 24 hour hotline is always open.

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