Tackle Your Clutter Month

April is National Tackle Your Clutter Month! Nope, it is not the same thing as Spring Cleaning – that is a common misconception. Cleaning and de-cluttering, while go together also work alone!

Spring is here, the grass is greening, the flowers are blooming and the trees are budding. Everything is new again. The days are longer and we want the bright sunshine to pour inside. So Spring cleaning will involve cleaning the residue off the windows. While you are there, dust the blinds and take down the drapery for washing or cleaning. Since the windows are clean, might as well call Castino Restoration and schedule a carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning and duct cleaning service to make the home smell fresh, eliminate dust mites and keep the dryer efficient.

De-cluttering, though, is a totally different animal. De-cluttering involves purging excess items and releasing them to either the dump or to charity, if in good shape. When you de-clutter your life, it will become an easier, less stressful one.

When purging clothing, if it hasn’t been worn in at least a year, donate it. Don’t keep items that don’t fit anymore in the hopes that you will lose weight. When you do, you are going to want something new to celebrate the moment. Accept and enjoy the person that you are now and transform because you want to, not to fit in a pair of jeans. Don’t keep sentimental outfits either. There are photos of you in it, right? So make room for new by freeing yourself from the past! Ladies, there are many high school girls unable to afford a prom dress, donate prom and bridesmaids dresses to those charities and make someone else’s dream come true.

Toss anything with holes or rips. If it is an item that can be repaired, run, don’t walk to the cleaners. Put the repaired, clean item back in rotation and enjoy it! That favorite pair of sneakers that looks like the entire neighborhood’s dogs used in a game of football? Retire them, you won’t miss them.

In the bathroom, you only have one body. At max, you only need five body gels and lotions, and two shampoos and conditioners. Clear out the clutter and create a spa, by eliminating all the bottles covering your counters. Toss any towels with holes, and roll up the good ones to make storing them an easy and attractive display.

Reading is fundamental, but books take over most spaces. Keep only your favorites and join a book exchange. You will be able to read all the most you want, but trade with others to keep your library organized. Stop paper from entering your home by placing a trash can by the mail box. Toss junk mail immediately. While you are de-cluttering, toss old credit statements. You only need to keep them if there is a problem. And if there is, all credit card companies store a copy of your statement online for 12 months. Scan any important document and store electronically.

In the kid’s room, make a game out of purging. Explain to you children that giving to others makes room for more. Make it a competition between your children that whoever donates the most gets to choose the first family trip destination of the year.
So de-clutter goes way beyond cleaning. When you de-clutter you purge and free yourself from stuff. A clutter-free life is a less stressful one. Tackle your clutter, before it tackles you!

Eugenia Orr
Castino Restoration

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