Wind Damage

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Heavy storms can bring with them a host of problems for homeowners in the Chicagoland and North Shore areas, from water damage caused by flooding and mold to roof damage caused by wind.  If a home’s roof is damaged from a storm, this can cause other issues, as well. At Castino Restoration, we understand the importance of making home repairs as soon as possible to avoid further damage. When you need help with wind damage, contact us for reliable and trustworthy service.

Storm Damage Repairs

Storms can cause a lot of damage, particularly if they are strong storms or are accompanied by high winds. If a home is not equipped to handle heavy rain, homeowners may have to deal with standing water in crawlspaces or flooded basements, both of which can eventually cause mold—which causes even more issues.  Castino Restoration employs a highly skilled team of technicians who can repair and restore your home to its pre-damaged state, and what’s more, we’re on-call 24 hours a day because we know that disaster can strike at any time.  We’re there when homeowners need us most, and we are dedicated to providing storm and wind damage restoration from start to finish.

Comprehensive Restoration Services

Choosing a contractor after a disaster hits can be tricky. Sometimes, extensive repairs are needed, and this can take a long time. It’s important to choose a company that will work with you and provide quality services until the job is completely finished. At Castino Restoration, we will repair wind damage to the roof as well as provide storm damage repairs for the rest of your home. To learn more about the wind damage repair or other home restoration services we offer to Chicagoland and North Shore homeowners, contact us today.

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