Save Money, Energy, and Your Heat This Winter

Do you remember your first home or apartment? The one you thought was a steal, but later on felt like it was stealing a little bit of your sanity? Perhaps the doors didn’t quite shut or the ceiling leaked a little when it rained, or perhaps during the winter it was utterly cold, no matter how high you turned your thermostat. During the winter, it’s easy to loose heat, which means you also loose energy, and therefore money.  The following are a few steps that you can follow to help save money, energy, and heat this winter.

Step One: Consider Energy Efficient Windows

According to the DIY Network , “Windows are a main source of energy loss,” so making sure your windows are fitted for winter is a great way to begin the process of making sure your home is up to par during the colder months. You may want to consider replacing your windows with energy efficient windows. Indeed, certain windows that are energy star qualified can save you hundreds of dollars off your heating bill. A good tool to use when deciding which window to buy is Efficient Windows Collaborative’s comparison chart for Northern Illinois. Of course, you should also make sure that your new windows are installed properly. No matter how energy efficient your windows, if they’re not installed properly, you won’t be saving any money. For this reason, you might want to consider a professional installer for these kinds of windows.

Step Two: Use Caulk, Weatherstripping, etc. to Stop Drafts

A drafty home is a cold home, and you’ll be turning up your heat more if you have to deal with annoying drafts. To stop this problem, caulk cracks in your siding to stop the drafts, and the DIY Network suggests using masonry sealer on the brick exterior of your home. You can also use weather stripping around windows and doors, and the DIY Network recommends placing a piece of weather stripping on the bottom of your garage door.

Step Three: Get a “House Check Up”

Winter is the perfect time of year to get a “house check up” by professional home inspectors. Getting a house check up like this will allow you to identify any problems before they become real problems, problems that could end up costing you hundreds and thousands of dollars in not only heat costs but also repair bills. Choosing a professional home repair company to give your house a “checkup” is a wise decision because then you know the word of the professionals, which can better help you in your decision making.

Before it gets too cold, think about how your home is going to bear the winter by following these simple steps. You’ll be glad you did when you realize how much you saved.

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