Preventive Home Maintenance

Not only has 2011 come in, but it is passing by quickly! January is in the past and February is truly coming like a lion, usurping March as a lion start of a month! As we buckle down for what is predicted to be the worst snow storm in decades, as Chicagoans are tough and we know how to get through a few days of home bound-ness!

While you have the next couple of days to lounge in the house, think about and prepare a list of the things that will need to be tackled around your home when spring finally arrives. Completing small repairs as they occur will prolong the life of your home and help to maintain its value. Spring will be the ideal time to address exterior projects such as roof, gutters, and eaves maintenance to prevent standing water from damaging the foundation. In the spring you will also want to address any cracks in the foundation so that water does not seep or flood the basement and damage any interior finishes and worst of all cause mold and mildew to grow and affect your health and the health of those you love.

But since you will be spending the next couple of days inside, assess each room and create a room-by-room list of repairs and updates you would like to tackle in the New Year. Proper planning will make any project go smoothly and of course, help budget the cost of the projects and what is the most feasible to do right away.

One project to put on the list is carpet cleaning. Keeping your carpets clean not only makes your home look good, but prolongs the life of the fibers and cuts down on dust and allergens that may affect your respiratory health. Regular vacuuming and steam cleaning also prevents beg bugs from hibernating in your home. You will also want to have your mattresses professionally cleaned while our professionals are already cleaning the carpets.

Other chores perfectly suited for Spring will be any wall repairs and painting. The walls of a home show age through cracks in the walls and ceiling. Remember that sealed drywall also prevents precious heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer from seeping out. Reduce your heating and cooling bills with insulation and proper wall closures.

While assessing the projects to be completed, don’t forget to check the pipes! A flood is one of the worst problems a home can have. If your haven’t had them checked in a while, then make 2011 the year of inspections! The cost will be minimal in comparison to an actual flood and the cost of cleanup. While Castino Restoration is at your service 24 hours a day in the event of a flood, preventive maintenance will save you a big headache later!

Enjoy your snow days! Bundle up, steep a pot of tea, and curl up in front of the TV or fireplace! Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!

Eugenia Orr

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