Preventing and Handling Flooded Basements

Flood Free is the Way to Be: Preventing and Handling Flooded Basements

According to Home Improvement writer Billy D. Ritchie , 98% of people who own basements will experience flooding at some point during their home ownership–98%! And with the Midwest receiving more than its fair share of snow this winter, you may have already you may have already been initiated into the basement flood club. If that’s the case, you might be worried, as you’ve undoubtedly heard about all the damage flood water can do–damage that can affect your whole home, not just the basement. Though basement flooding is, in a sense, a big deal, it doesn’t have to be life changing. If you work to prevent flooding and quickly manage flooding when it happens, you can stave off most of the very negative effects.


According to Ritchie, you can reduce the impact that basement flooding has on your home by doing regular basement flood inspections to make sure your room is prepared to handle a flood. Some of the things you’ll want to check for include unclogged drains, a landscape that slopes away from the basement, a filtration system, and sealed doors and windows. According to Online Tips, you can also prevent flooding through special anti-flood devices that plumbers can install. If you’re not sure whether you have enough prevention measures in place, a plumber or other home improvement professional, like the ones working for Castino Restoration, can help you assess your situation and determine what more needs to be done.


If you have experienced a flooding in your basement, it’s important to understand that there could be serious problems that result. According to EHow , Mold and Mildew can occur, causing serious health issues and lingering, unpleasant smells. Flooding can also cause damage to a home’s foundation, and the resulting condensation and humidity can eventually damage the floors above.

However, if you handle a flood situation well, you won’t have to deal with most or all of these resulting problems. A water removal professional knows the best way to not only remove visible water, but also to remove water beneath the surface. In addition, water removal professionals usually help their clients to prepare for the next flood through the prevention techniques described earlier.

In order to avoid frustration and building damage, flood free is the way to be. However, you can’t always guarantee that flood won’t affect you. Proper prevention and flood handling methods can help you avoid at least the lasting damage often incurred by a flood.

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