Mold Damage/Mold Remediation – Chicago

A dreaded four-letter word, mold is a very dangerous fungus that can aggravate existing respiratory problems and create new ones in individuals who hadn’t previously suffered from them. Mold damage can occur in any area that becomes saturated with moisture without sufficient time to dry out. Areas prone to mold damage are basements, bathrooms, and kitchens. Mold spores are airborne and just need a moist surface to grow. Once the spores set in, mold damage often requires extreme remediation.

In extreme cases, mold remediation requires a professional crew, trained in the safe removal of mold. Professional mold remediation will not only include making sure the rooms with mold damage are made safe, but it is also important that while fixing the damaged areas, other areas don’t become infected from airborne particles.

Mold damage can be seen and smelled, but there are times that mold damage is also hidden behind walls from leaky pipes and drains. In showers that have faulty caulk and worn away tile grout, Water can seep behind finishes and become an ideal feeding ground for mold growth. One indication of hidden mold damage is when tiles start to fall off the wall and caulk turns black. While you may think its just mildew, mildew is a precursor to mold.

If you have ever had running water in your home, there is a chance that you have mold damage and require remediation of the problem. Mold remediation may sound scary, but it is a necessary process that will give you peace of mind. Mold is a naturally occurring fungus and is not avoidable, but it is treatable if the damage becomes extreme.

Castino Restoration is more than prepared to help you make your home safe from mold in Chicago and the North Shore. From mold remediation to drywall and painting, Castino has the expertise to make your home better than it was before the mold damage occurred.

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