Keys to a Healthy Home

Cleaning, Disinfecting & Sterilization: Keys to a Healthy Home

Cleaning, disinfecting and sterilization are not synonymous terms. The day to day tasks we perform, like dusting, vacuuming and sweeping, and the general removal of debris and bodily fluids is cleaning. Clean your home with hot soapy water. The heat from the water works with the soap to loosen debris on surfaces. Cleaning needs to be done before surfaces can be disinfected and sterilized.

Disinfecting goes further. When you disinfect a surface, you are removing most of the organisms on the surface which can cause disease and infection. Disinfecting does not removed mites, which live deep within, but will attack some bacterial and viral microorganisms. To kill all disease causing organisms, you have to sterilize. If you are using a chemical to disinfect and sterilize, the same chemical is used, but the concentration of the chemical is stronger for sterilization and is left on the surface for longer.

Chemicals can be harmful to people, especially children and pets. You also have to make sure that when you clean, disinfect and sterilize that you are not spreading bacteria around. You will need to use multiple sponges, have a bucket of plain water to rinse the sponges in, and change the rinse water often. Always don disposable gloves when cleaning, cover any open wounds, and do not touch your face. Use a toothbrush or scraper to get into tight spots. Keep paper towels handy to remove excess debris from the surface before actually cleaning and disinfecting the surface. Keep disposable trash bags and immediately toss debris.

Household bleach, ammonia and vinegar are everyday cleaning agents that will keep your home clean, disinfected and sterilized. But there are times that professional cleaning is necessary. In instances of a new home purchase, pets, multiple children, and major de-cluttering or light to mid-hoarding issues, please call for professional help.

Castino Restoration now offers an inexpensive disinfecting and sanitation process that will eliminate and eradicate smoke and pet odors, and in addition remove traces of dust mites, bedbugs, cockroaches, bacteria, viruses and all other kinds of vermin and pets embedded in carpets, furniture, mattresses, behind walls and under sinks.

Think of how much better you will sleep knowing that you and your family are protected from MRSA, Streph, Staph, E-coli, Samonella, Listeria, Legionella, and Black Mold. Our process will also remove odors left behind by any of these bacteria, and improve the indoor air quality in your home.

When you buy a home you gain a sense of security knowing that you have a clean, safe and dry environment that is an investment in your family’s future. Even though we are waiting for the market to recover, when our homes will once again be appreciating assets, they still keep us safe, clean and dry. Reduce the stress in your life by cleaning and maintaining your home every day. Did you know that clutter actually increases overall stress? When you don’t have clear, clean rooms your mind never has a chance to relax. Start by de-cluttering and cleaning, and call Castino Restoration to disinfect and sterilize. Together we can eliminate the potential for illness, reduce your stress, and maximize your enjoyment at home.

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