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From do-it-yourself systems to 24-hour monitored ones, homes security has become an integral systems component for houses, condominiums, and townhomes. People are looking to protect their investments and insurance companies offer premium discounts to homeowners with a security system. Not only can doors and windows be monitored for break-ins, today’s state of the art systems include sensors for fire as well.

Take your home’s security to the next level with cameras positioned at doors and other main access points. The cameras monitor those who should not be entering in the event of a break in, but the cameras, which will feed to a non-functioning station on your television, give you the ability to see who is at the door before answering it. Think of it as an intercom system, much like the ones used in apartments and condominiums, but just a visual one. You can decide to open the door before you actually reach it. The cameras are small and inconspicuous and have smart technology that automatically activates when motion is detected.

Having cameras installed in your home is also a great way to keep track of contractors and other workmen. Constantly keep an eye out with systems that allow you to login from any computer and view the feed from your home.

A security system will help to ward off intruders, but sometimes professional thieves really want to get in. Further protect your home with heavy duty steel or solid core doors and titanium enforced deadbolt locks that are virtually impossible to pry apart. Also consider lock systems that have keypad access, key technology that allows you to rekey your locks whenever you like, incorporating this technology into the rest of your home allowing you perform such task such as turning on and off lights. More than just securing your home, it becomes ‘smart’, providing you control and access no matter where you are.

Don’t forget the importance of lighting. A well-lit property will not only provide comfort for you late at night, but more importantly, a burglar won’t be able to sneak around if he can be seen by others. Use solar powered lighting that will automatically turn on at dusk and use motion-detection lights to surprise anyone looking to surprise you.

Thieves watch the homes they are planning to victimize and a completely dark house for more than a day or two becomes a prime target. Give the illusion that the home is occupied by using timers to turn on lights at certain times. A radio playing will indicate people inside. If possible have another family member or neighbor check on your home, in case someone is watching as well, and request this person visit at different times of the day.

In the event that someone tried to break into your home while you are there consider making one room a safe room. Just as you install a solid core door at entrances, make one interior door a steel, or solid core door that cannot be forced open. Install a deadbolt lock on this door and if you hear someone entering, deadbolt the door and call the police. Keep your cell phone in this room in the event the phone lines are cut or power is out. Stay tight until help arrives.

You may not be able to stop a burglar from trying to break-in, but what you can do is make it hard for them to enter. A thief is looking to enter a home quickly, easily, and quietly. Make it hard for a thief and he will go away.

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