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The Dangers of Neglecting Mold Problems

Mold is a common household problem. It proliferates in high-moisture areas and can rapidly spread through the air and across surfaces. Mold is a serious problem as it can cause health problems. In this post, Castino Restoration discusses the dangers of mold and explains why professional mold removal services are important.

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The First 4 Things You Should Do After a Flood

A flood is the dread of every homeowner. The damage floods cause is two-fold: the immediate water damage and the long-term moisture damage your home will experience well after the flood is over. Before you seek professional water damage repair services though, you need to do a few things.

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Understanding Water Damage and Its Effects On Your Home

While water damage is a relatively common occurrence in residential homes, few homeowners fully understand it, much less how to handle it. Castino Restoration discusses the important things you need to know about water damage.

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Why Proactive Home Maintenance is Important

Active home maintenance is important if you want to preserve your home’s value, prevent costly problems, and keep your home safe and sound. Castino Restoration is the leading flood damage restoration expert in our local area. Our specialty is in dealing with sudden home emergencies. We recommend practicing proactive home maintenance because it makes a […]

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How Our Repair and Restoration Services Can Help You

As a homeowner, it’s important to have a plan during times of crisis. Castino Restoration has provided reliable, trustworthy flood damage restoration, water remediation services, emergency response services, and mold removal services for over 40 years. We can return your home to great condition. Here are some of our repair and restoration services:

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