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Lake Forest Case Study

Who and Where:

Matt Dunn and his wife recently relocated to Lake Forest, IL.


In April 2016, they noticed signs of flooding and water in their basement.


Castino Restoration was called for emergency service and began to assess the problem. Unbeknownst to the new homeowners, their basement not only experienced flooding, but also water damage from prior floods before they moved in. Castino Restoration went to work drying out soiled carpets, furniture and upholstery. Castino Restoration opened up the walls reinforced vulnerable areas so that the flooding would not be an issue again. All drywall was replaced and the happy new homeowners had their basement back quickly. Castino Restoration worked with the Dunn’s insurance company so that they experienced a bare minimum expense. Here’s what Matt Dunn said about his experience working with Castino Restoration:

“What a great service experience. We moved in 3 months ago under the guise that our basement had never gotten water. Well, let’s just say we don’t feel like the sellers were entirely forthright seeing this last months medium rains were enough to wreck a new carpet and upholstered seating ensemble. With the walls ripped out, there was evidence of earlier water issues all around.

Castino and their folks took a very stressful situation and took it out of our hands and essentially in little over 3 weeks gave us our basement back. Thanks for the emergency response, the quick work, the insurance company interface, and most of all a happy wife.”

Why you should choose Castino Restoration for Lake Forest flood repair:

Castino Restoration has received a number of industry awards and accreditations including the North Shore Magazine “Best of reader survey” and the Super Service Award from Angie’s List. Castino has an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and is a Best Pick Report certified business for six consecutive years.

Beyond the awards and certifications, comes the trust we have earned throughout the entire North Shore area and Lake Forest in particular. We understand the value of quality customer service. Comments like Mr. Dunn’s when he said we took a “stressful situation” and resolved it is what makes us most proud.  Owner Roger Castino said it best,

“Our highest priorities are service and quality. It is all about developing relationships and repeat business, and that can only be accomplished through customer satisfaction. Each customer has a different set of concerns. We find out what those are and deliver what they want.”

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