A Tankless Water Heater Saves More Than Energy

Not a day or even an hour goes by that you don’t hear about the benefits of a tankless water heater. As the world commits and encourages a more responsible society, the conservation of water and energy is high on the list.

The news about tankless water heaters focuses on the energy savings. The average home has a 40-gallon hot water tank. And those 40-gallons are heated and reheated so the water is ready when you turn on the hot water tap. What happens when the dishwasher needs to run, but you are in desperate need of a hot shower using all the body jets and the rain shower head in your newly renovated bathroom? Well, that shower will probably not be a long as you need it to be. A tankless hot water heater solves the problem of running out of water.

Depending on the model and make you select, a tankless or demand hot water heater heats water at a rate of two to five gallons per minute. Pretty good, right? So getting the water you need when you need it is not a problem. But the energy and readily-available benefits are the not the only savings you receive. The government is also offering a rebate up to $1500 on the purchase of a tankless water heater. This rebate is realized when you file your taxes for the year purchased. But yet one of the most important reasons to purchase a tankless model is the tankless aspect.

If you have never experienced the misfortune of a failed hot water heater, then count your blessings. Can you imagine going on vacation and while away the tank ruptures and 40-gallons of water runs all over the basement? After a great vacation, you return home to a complete mess and face water damage, electrical shortages, and mold. Having a tankless model will give you the peace of mind while traveling.

If you live in a condominium building the benefits of a tankless water heater are even more realized. Your tank may not fail, but what if the unit above you does fail? You will get the experience of a rain shower without stepping into the bathroom! The cost of repairs can be astounding, as water is just as damaging as fire. Talk to the developer about installing tankless water heaters in all the units in the building. It may cost more, but many prospective buyers are willing to pay a little more upfront for peace of mind down the road.
There are a lot of options and models available to choose from, so research is a vital step in purchasing this appliance. You may also need to have a professional inspect your current setup to assess if it currently will support a tankless model, which requires an exhaust vent. While it may be tempting to install a model that fits your current lifestyle, remember that a tankless water heater adds value and will be a selling feature if you decide to sell. Purchase a model that has the capacity to accommodate more people and appliances.

The benefits extend far beyond energy savings; consider preserving your home with a tankless, high-efficient water heater.

Eugenia Orr
Castino Restoration

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