Steve Henderson

Great experience with Castino all around. First Cathy was great to deal with on the phone and was able to get a crew over the next morning. The crew arrived on time the next morning. Nick did a good job with the walkthrough to review what they were / were not going to do. It helped with my comfortable level to have a firm handle on the scope and that we were on the same page since they do the work with an open contract. Anytime there was there was something that was different from what we discussed, or even questionable, they called me down to review before moving on. They finished with work and bringing the waste in about 4 hours. Then brought down the equipment. They had to leave for another job, and had to leave the removed materials on a the curb. Cathy called back within minutes of the crew leaving to let me know somebody would come by by that evening to take away everything from the curb – which they did. Hope I’ll never need them again, but definitely my first call if I do.

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