Patricia Collins

The estimator recognized that the mold about a foot up the wall in the basement was only on the paint due to condensation on basement walls which were exterior walls.  Thus  diagnosing that this was not a giant mold removal issue and required cleaning and treatment only of affected areas about 2 feet up from wall and a foot onto the floor (the floor was at my request, to be safe). I appreciated his honest assessment.  The walls and floor were treated and then painted with mold resistant paint.  Because it is a basement storage area, they had to move some heavy exercise equipment and storage shelves onto one half of the floor in order to paint the other half of the floor and then move it back after the first half dried and paint the second half.  There was no place else to move the heavy bulky stuff.  The floor required 2 coats–so several trips had to be made to paint the floor and then returned to put everything back into place.  They were very good scheduling within my schedule and coming on time every time.  When one painter had a family emergency, another painter arrived to take his place.  They were very professional and did a great job–finishing before Thanksgiving.

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